How to make a “Mobile Garden” Part1/2

You need following items to make a mobile garden:

  • wire
  • plastic net
  • plastic pot
  • soil
  • seed
  • a hair pin
  • string
  • moss

OK, let me explain how to make a mobile garden step by step. This entry describes the preparation. I’ll write the latter part later.

1. Make a base with wire and a piece of plastic net
IMGP5597 IMGP5598

IMGP5466 IMGP5463

2. Put the base, soil and seeds into plastic pot
Be sure to put the base first. Unless you do so, the mobile garden will be unstable.
IMGP5603 IMGP5609

3. Put the pot in a sunny place
Greens come out after several days.
Base of Mobile Garden How to Make a Mobile Garden

It’s all about the former part of how to make a Mobile Garden. In the latter part, I’ll show you how to assemble a mobile garden.


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