Foreign Language Pad (=FL Pad)

I made a small application that facilitates us writing in foreign languages.

Foreign Language Pad @ Chrome Web Store (free! of course.)

You can compose sentences in a single environment in a messy way like we do inside of our heads. All the operation can be done from your keyboard. For example, type “[sentence]:[from_lang]2[to_lang]“, select it and Ctrl+T to get translation, then a translation and a reversely translated sentence of the original sentence are proposed. No annoying mouse operation!

Moreover, since the application is implemented as a chrome extension, you stay on the page you want to compose sentence so that you can concentrate on writing sentences. With the application, you don’t worry about going for surfing on the Web when you use search engine for checking accuracy of the sentence ;)

One Response to Foreign Language Pad (=FL Pad)

  1. [...] I released a chrome extension “Foreign Language Pad” last month. This time, I made English, German and Japanese server on the Web and added a look up dictionary function and refine its user interface. [...]


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