Release: PKM Service “Kcanvas”

Kcanvas on iPad

( > Japanese Entry: 気になった情報を貼っておける掲示板的な場所 “Kcanvas”)

Kcanvas is a web service that supports PKM (Personal Knowledge Management). It provides canvases / walls (sorry, its name had not been decided concretely) to place fragments of information.

There are great services such as Twitter, bookmark services and blog services to manage personal knowledge. But it seems that they are not enough for PKM. How do you manage fragments of information on list views? They tend to go away as time pasts. Tag? OK, it works. But, moreover, it’s hard for us to express everything in words. We need visual or intuitive interfaces so that we can just place and express out thought. With Kcanvas, users can arrange fragments of information casually by dragging and dropping them.

You can use this service not only from PCs but also from iPhones and iPads :)

Kcanvas Screen Shot

Using is believing. Try it from the link below :)

Sample – Place to collage fragments of information

I’m glad to have your feedback here or to my twitter account @akipponn.


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