“a&x, b&x, c&x…” at one time – a multiple search interface prototype

I wrote a small Javascript code to enable multiple search such as querying “a&x, b&x, c&x…” at a time. It works like the distributive law.

a prototype of multiple search interface

I’ve just used it to search for design events in the world.

(New York,Berlin,London,Vienna) x (design week)

Multiple Search Interface

Oh no, it’s convenient, isn’t it?

Without the interface, I had to search “New York design week”, “Berlin design week”, “London design week” and “Vienna design week” separately…

Search results can be placed freely by drag and drop so that they can be compared easily. One can see more result just by scrolling his/her mouse like using auto pager.

We think, at least I think more messily than what search engines describe as results. We need a new interfaces which fit for our thoughts. I want to realize it :)


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