Dancing Information



Dancing Information” is an installation that produces dynamic human shaped collages from its visitors’ and their friends’ photos on the Web. It works as a mirror so that its visitors rethink about themselves and get opportunities to know something new from their friends’ information based on common context.

This project is supported by IPA Exploratory IT Human Resources Project (The MITOH Program). *IPA: Information-technology Promotion Agency, Japan.


  • 05 Jun 2011 – 08 Jun 2011 Immersions Digitales (Paris, France)
  • 29 Oct 2010 – 03 Nov 2010 TOKYO Design Week (Tokyo, Japan)
  • 02 Sep 2010 – 07 Sep 2010 ARS Electronica Festival 2010 (Linz, Austria) project introduction page

How it works:

diHowItWorks  IMG_0104 IMG_0104スライド04 スライド05スライド06 スライド07